Throwback Today (2017) Full HD

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Primo, gifted with a good eye for production design, ventures into the working world with a great desire to succeed. Unprepared for the harsh realities of the real world, Primo experienced failure, Throwback heartbreak and regret in a series of unfortunate events. Life didn’t turn out as he had expected: He wasted away, wallowing in grief, and jumped from one odd job to another for more than a decade. While trying to make ends meet at the peak of his misfortunes, he experiences a technological glitch with his old desktop computer and gets a chance to re-write his life..Watch Full Movie Online Free Thanks to Carlo Aquino’s earnest portrayal, you will care for what happens to Primo’s character. There were some nice touches, like the wrist tattoos which change with each change in Primo’s situation.Hawson also praised the director of the film and stated, the film six out of ten stars, and stated that, “The film’s story was still very engaging to the end Rcommend director Joseph Teoxon for his audacious choice of a complex time-themed sci-fi love story (by Pertee Brinas) for a debut feature, and pulling it off satisfactorily despite obvious technical limitations. Ace Antipolo on his blog website Movies for Millennials, gave the film 5 out of 5 stars and comparing the film to 2004’s science fiction psychological thriller The Butterfly Effect starring Ashton Kutcher. He also stated that, “Though the two films have a similar premise, Throwback Today has more heart. It’s more lighter in tone and thus, far more enjoyable than the other one. Although the concept of changing your past isn’t new anymore as we have seen a lot of films recycling the same concept over and over again, this sci-fi entry stands out with it’s fun and entertaining execution.Antipolo also praised Carlo Aquino’s performance to the film.

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